She’s doing what?

Today is the first day of the next adventure! It is the beginning of the official countdown to one of the greatest expeditions I will ever embark on, which really has already begun.  My recent time living in Bali, Indonesia has opened my eyes to what life is really like through the eyes of another culture, religion and society.   The dedication of the Balinese to their religion is admirable and their genuine kindness towards others inspires me.  I’ve also had time this year to think and I’ve been thinking A LOT about the state of the world and the events that transpire every day.  With islamophobia everywhere I turn, antisemitism alive and well and Christians being persecuted for their beliefs across the globe; that’s just not ok.

So I thought I’d set out to research and cover the major religious events and celebrations across the top 6 Religions on earth and along the way learn about how 80% of the world lead their lives through their faith.  Think Christmas in the Vatican, Eid al Adha in Saudi Arabia, Diwali in India, Buddha’s Birthday in Tibet and Passover in Israel…… the list goes on.  Then if that wasn’t a big enough itinerary to roll with,  I am also exploring those religions in western hubs.  Jewish communities in New York, Catholicism in Rio, Islam in the UK, Sikhs in Canada etc.

On an Interfaith pilgrimage as it were, not only to learn and develop my own knowledge and acceptance of other religions, but to document and share my journey.  I believe that at the core of most of humanity regardless of religion, race, culture or gender we all just want to raise our kids in a safe environment, love each other, praise our God and see peace on earth. Hopefully, from my experiences with everyday people from around the world, I can offer some insight that might just change the perspective of people whom perhaps fear the unknown in their fellow man.

This is not a theology assignment, this is not a study of history or a how to guide on faith.  This is a travel blog of a 32 year old Aussie who has a passion for people, faith and seeing the world.  It is my perspective, my view and my path.  So please don’t be offended if I offer up an opinion that perhaps is not the same as yours.  This is a journey of discovery and I don’t want to bore the crap out of you all with dates and historical information that you can all google yourself.  This is for me and if you want to come along for the ride than your welcome to and I’d love for you to be there every step of the way.

I officially set off from Brisbane on the 2 of January, I’m going to hit all 7 continents (Yes Antarctica is on the list).  However, there is a lot to do before then, Plan, Network, learn how to write, buy a fabulous looking hijab and workout how I’m going to cover the crucifix tattooed on my ankle in Saudi.

So please Follow me, Share, Repost, Tag and Comment. Keep in touch with your thoughts, words of encouragement, ideas and definitely feel free to hook me up with people you know in places I’m heading to. A local connection is a valuable commodity with life on the road.

I’ll be uploading daily on either FB, Insta or the blog (Wi-Fi permitting) and hope to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and do something you’ve only ever dreamed of.   I am!!!

So let the preparations begin, I’m off to my Arabic Lesson. Salam Alikom

The Unlikley Pilgrim

Over and Out!

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