On The Road Again ~ My Home

There is something powerful that draws people “home”. The familiar surroundings of the neighbourhood you grew up in. A city filled with memories of good times and bad. The smells of your local pie shop. The weather, the trees, the layout of the streets and ofcourse the people that signal you belong.  

I’m back on the trail again after 8 months at home in Australia.  I’ve had an incredible time back in the real world and it felt nice to be in the groove of “regular” life.  I’ve landed a cracking job in an awesome organisation who prides itself in making people from far and wide “ feel at home” in Australia. 


I’ve met some inspiring people, experienced cultures from all four corners of the world right here at home.  I’ve made connections that have had a permanent and lasting impact on my life and touched my heart.  I’ve even found love for the cold (the secret is sipping red wine by a fire). 

I’ve gypsied my way around home like I do the world by house sitting and snuggling up with strangers fur babies. In doing so I’ve gained an insight into other people’s lives.  What makes them happy, what they live for and what home looks like to them. 

As I sit in transit in Dubai airport, I too feel at home.  I love the familiar sounds of a final boarding call. I enjoy wondering where my fellow travelers are coming from and going to. I perch myself in another random bar and try the local ale and it tastes like I belong.  (Its midday somewhere after all ) 


For some home is where the heart is. For me, it’s immersing myself in as many versions of life as I can possibly squeeze in. 

 “For not everyone who wanders is lost.” 

I am content with my choices, I have no regrets and my globetrotting existence has taught me some valuable lessons. 

I’ve learnt that food tastes best in the country of origin and Delhi belly won’t kill you, even when you think it might.  I’ve learnt not to take water for granted and that you can get a corona anywhere! I’ve learnt people are just people and everyone you meet really does cross your path for a reason, and sometimes you won’t know why. I now know that God comes in many forms and that faith is universal. I’ve learnt sunshine feeds the soul and torrential rain is a miracle that feeds the earth.


Through this chaotic and beautiful journey, I have also learnt you can be scared yet still live fearlessly. You can make a plan for tomorrow and then throw it out the window.  I’ve found that whilst you should work for your money, you should spend it on whatever serves your happiness. In life its ok to be mad but you must always forgive and most importantly we must love unconditionally and if we get hurt…. Get up, dust yourself off and do it again because that is what life is all about. 

I’m en route to my second Camino and I know the love of my fellow peregino’s will flow abundantly.  My next home comes in the form of a series of pilgrim hostels and that is exactly where it should be.. for me. 

Yours in Faith 


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