G’Day I’m Therese, Teresa, Tracy or even Grace sometimes, whatever it’s not important. Welcome to my travel blog with a twist of faith.   I am a 32-year-old woman from Sunny Brisbane, Australia, getting ready for the next chapter.   An exploration of the top 6 religions by population across all walks of life.  Living my life by the interfaith calendar to determine my next destination and adventure.

Having spent my twenties building my career in the corporate world and living the pathway to success that I thought I wanted; I got lost, confused and overwhelmed with what it was I was actually meant to be doing.  So I did what any damsel in distress would do, I bailed and moved to a land far far away.  No Job!  No Man!  No Idea!   So I’ve taken some time out of my “regular” life to explore what it is I’m really passionate about and 7 months later on the beaches of Bali I came up with it!  My 3 passions in life are People, Faith and Travel.  Great!  So what to do with this yoga and coconut induced revelation?  It’s time to travel the world meeting new people, exploring faith and blogging about it of course.

On an Interfaith pilgrimage as it were, not only to learn and develop my own knowledge and acceptance of other religions, but to document and share my journey with the world.  I believe that at the core of most of humanity regardless of religion, race, culture or gender we all just want to raise our kids in a safe environment, love each other, praise our God and see peace on earth. Hopefully, from my experiences with everyday people from around the world, I can offer some insight that might just change the perspective of those whom perhaps fear the unknown in their fellow man.

I’ll be in and out of Temples, Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, Pubs obviously and who knows what else.  I’ll be learning to pray in Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit and others along the way, as well as learning “two beers please” in as many languages as needed.  Spending my days immersing myself in the intriguing and intricate cultures of my fellow faithfuls in what I am sure is going to be the trip of a lifetime. Never one to waste an opportunity, while I’m at it I’ll swing by some of the biggest festivals on earth, Carnivale in Rio anyone? Did someone Mardi Gras?  Because life is about living and experiencing it all, as the name suggests.   The Unlikely Pilgrim, on bended knee in the alters of the Vatican one day, followed by a weekend at Oktoberfest the next.  It won’t be a drunken and debaucherous trip by any stretch of the imagination but every day people certainly do know how to party and I plan to meet them along the way too, as well as their preachers.