A letter to me – Thankyou 2016

“Therese, it’s me, it’s you from 2016.I know where you are, I know how you’re feeling, it’s 2015 and you’re lost, you’re confused and you have no idea what is happening in your life.
I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay; you’re going to be just fine. In 2016 you are going to move to Bali, Indonesia. You’ll be by yourself in a big house and you’re going to be scared and it’s going to be hard. But don’t worry; you’re going to meet amazing people to help you. You’ll find surrogate parents from England, they’ll be there for you, hold your hand at the hospital, make you laugh and be there when you fall apart, just like your own parents would (except they have vodka!).

You’ll fall into a cracking group, the Umalas crew, The O’Malleys, Susan, Jean, Jeff and Kim and John. You’ll go on crazy adventures, drink a load of booze and really feel part of this uber clique (okay so they’re all over 50 but they’re awesome!).
Then your going to meet a sister, she’s right up your street, she becomes your confidant and you hers. You’ll share your philosophies on life and love and you’ll be surprised how close you get in such a small time, she’s a firecracker and you’ll love her. She comes with a beautiful family and you are worried about not having kids but you’ve got a daughter now. The best part is they’re yours to keep – I promise. They can’t live without you, let’s be honest.

You’ll fall in love with the Balinese people; you have family in Yuli, Meme and Nyoman. They welcome you with open arms and care for you, support you, Joe and Rosie and the Karangasem crew too. You’re one of them now and the lessons they teach you on life and love and all things Hindu will never be forgotten. What an amazing bunch, be thankful for them.

Not only are you surrounded by a network of radiance and light, but you will be closer to God. You will realise in your faith and trust in Him that this feeling of loss and despair you’re in will pass. And pass it does; and in the rubble, you will find your calling, your purpose, I won’t ruin the surprise, but THINK BIG, beyond your wildest dreams.

You’ll teach next year too! Yep, you’re shaping the hearts and minds of local kids in a village you’ve never been to and they love you and you them. The teachers you meet there are kindred spirits and are part of your life now. You find yoga and you train hard with Mark, he kicks your ass but you’re stronger for it and a welcome distraction in those early months when you’re still hurting and picking yourself up.

You meet so many amazing people and travel the world with them. You will hit 15 countries in 2016, and that’s just the beginning. You meet an incredible man who opens your eyes to a world you didn’t know existed and the conversations you have until the early hours about God, life and faith will inspire your next big adventure.

Therese, I know you’re scared and worried but don’t be. Bali’s got the answers for you and has so many people to support and encourage you. I see you, I see your pain. It’s going to be okay. Trust me. 2017 is waiting for you. Go forth and conquer the world is watching.
Love – You.”

Yours in Faith,

The Unlikely Pilgrim

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