Pilgrim of the Week #2 -Mark Mariani

Travelling the world you meet people who touch your life in more ways than they know.  Mark Mariani was my coach in Bali, but his unassuming love of God inspired me and now I have a friend for life. He took me to ICC  Bali, where I found a community and he encouraged me, not only with fitness, but in life, love and The Unlikely Pilgrim journey. I thought of him this week when I was in a temple in Amritsar delivering food for the poor. We stopped and blessed the food before distributing it. Many cultures pray before meals of course, but Mark is the only person in my life that would insist on saying grace and giving thanks to God every time we ate together. Such a simple act, but why don’t we thank our Lord for what we have been fortunate enough to have? Mark, I will follow your example and try harder to remember to say thank you to God.


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