Pilgrim of the week #3 – Mary

AirBnB is the way I travel. You have local experiences with people who love to host and treat you as a friend, not a stranger. Mary and her husband Kazik were my first hosts of 2017. Mary is what my mum would describe as a God-fearing woman. She has opened her home for years to people who need a place to stay. Long before AirBnB, Mary, a former nun, hosted foreign students, cared for them and showed them a home away from home. She opened her home through the Brisbane floods, which resulted in some extraordinary tales including accidentally harbouring a criminal and ending up with a dog that was left behind. We discussed her journey with God and her inspiring history of setting up care programs in western Sydney, she even taught at my primary school – ten years before I was there. Small world. Mary is the ultimate host and her warmth, kindness and open heart is what makes her guests come back again and again. Thank you Mary, for your wisdom and your servitude.

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