Pilgrim of the Week # 4 – Brian Houston

Technically, I have never met Brian. He is the Lead Pastor and founder of Hillsong church, however last month  I was lucky enough to be at a service in Brisbane where he was speaking. Many Pastors exude passion, excitement and flare when talking about God, especially in the evangelistic scene. What I found different about Brian (other than the Alfie Langer husky voice) was that even though he leads the church and wants it to grow, you get the feeling he wants you to grow more. He wants you to find a way to know God, to be in a relationship with Him, to have an avenue to His  love. His charisma is infectious but his knowledge is exemplary. I never used to buy into the ‘happy clapper’  approach. But isn’t it great that as Christians we have so many options to choose from in order to follow our pathway to God. Thank you Brian for creating a new pathway.


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