Pilgrim of the Week # 5 – Amrit Singh

Amrit Singh, what a legend! This man was my host in Amritsar , my first week away. He spent hours on end with me discussing world religion and life (including arranged marriage, if I needed it). He shared his knowledge and taught me an incredible amount about Sikhism. He opened up about his simple and somewhat profound view on people and religion.

Rule Number 1. Have kindness at the core of your character.  Rule Number 2. Model your behaviours on kindness and goodwill. Rule Number 3. Have an attitude that serves others and God.

If your behaviour, character and attitude is enveloped in human kindness then that is the only religion the world needs. He told me if people want the tradition, ritual and ceremony of religion then that is their choice. However, if these three things aren’t led with kindness, the rest is all a waste.

I challenge him as a beer drinking, not single, but not married Christian, who is exploring world religion. Can I not be faithful and yet not be perfect? His reply: “You can be anything you want, just be kind. I believe that there should be one common religion, one that breeds kindness into people’s character, attitude and behaviour. That is all we need.”

Yes Amrit, you are right.


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