Pilgrim of the Week #6 – Nikki

Courageous, determined, faithful and strong. That is Nikki! I met this incredible woman as she led us in prayer at the Abundant Grace International Fellowship (AGIF)  women’s fellowship group in Shanghai last month. She was sharing with us her journey of discovering that she had the cursed BRCA  gene. She described the torment she experienced with treatment, feelings of isolation, fear and how through her faith she survived a double mastectomy, full hysterectomy, chemotherapy and everything that the medical world could throw at her and this awful genetic mutation. Her words were so sincere and true as a she explained her resolve to see this knowledge as a gift and not a curse. Not only did it test her health, her commitment to God, but it tested her marriage, her womanhood and sometimes what felt like her sanity. The room was full of tearful ladies hanging onto her every word and rightly so. Through adversity we either cling to our faith or feel abandoned by it. I was so thankful to be in this room hearing the testimony flow from Nikki’s heart and soul. Her words were shared to offer hope, encouragement and faith to the sisters in the room, of which I had politely gate crashed. Nikki, you are amazing and I’m so blessed to have met you. God, bless you and your heart.

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